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Guide: Who to Email about the Anti-Trans Bills Moving Forward in Iowa

This guide is meant to support the fight against the anti-trans bills in Iowa that are moving forward through the Iowa House and Senate. Thus far the most potent threats are the bills proposed in the Senate. *This guide will be updated if and when any of the 15 anti-trans/anti-LGBTQ bills move past committee. Last updated February 24th.

Bills in the Senate:

Two bills are advancing in the Iowa Senate to the full Education Committee. They are:

Senate File 167 – Bans Curriculum on Gender Identity in Iowa Schools

SF 167 is a bill that strips gender identity from school curriculum from Kindergarten through grade six in Iowa Schools. Schools/School districts cannot reintroduce gender identity in curriculum without express written permission from parents or guardians.

SF 167 was introduced by Senators Jim Carlin, Jason Schultz, Jeff Taylor, Craig Johnson, Mike Klimesh, Amy Sinclair, Ken Rozenboom, and Tom Shipley and directed at the Education Committee.

Senate File 224 – The Bathroom Bill

SF 224 is a bathroom bill targeted specifically at elementary and secondary public schools. It restricts multiple and single occupancy restrooms to be used solely based on “biological sex.”

SF 224 was introduced by Senator Jim Carlin.

To oppose both of these bills, we suggest sending three different types of emails to Senators on the Education Committee for each of the two bills.

Email # 1

Write a brief email stating your opposition to SF 167 and SF 224 to the Senators who have introduced and supported this legislation:

Email # 2

Write an email to Republican Senators on the Education Committee who did not introduce or co-sign SF 167 and SF 224. This is where most time and effort should be spent as these Senators are the ones we might be able to sway to oppose these bills.

Recommendations: share personal narratives or experiences, share statistics and resources to understand the harm this legislation will cause.

Email # 3

Email Senate Democrats on the Education Committee to share your opposition to SF 167 and SF 224. Although many, if not all, democrats will oppose these bills it is important that they still hear from us to solidify their stance:

Give thanks to Claire Celsi who has vocally opposed both bills while sitting the subcommittees which met regarding both bills:

Additional Resources

Resources Support Inclusive Curriculum and School Environments

Resources to cite or even send to representatives that help our opposition to both SF 167

Resources for Combating Bathroom Bills

Resources to cite or even send to representatives specifically in response to SF 224, the bathroom bill


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