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Pitch a Workshop

Pitch a class or workshop for LGBTQ Iowa Archives & Library!


  • Workshop instructors must be members of the LGBTQ community
  • Workshops will happen in the LGBTQ Iowa Archives & Library lending library space at the Close House, which is operated by Public Space One. If needed, additional event space can be reserved in the house for workshop use. 
  • Workshop can be for all ages, or a specific age group (i.e. elementary, teen, or adult).
  • Workshops can be designed for an identity group within the queer community (i.e. for trans people, for QTBIPOC, for lesbians, for asexual people, etc.)
  • For instructors who live outside the Iowa City/CR area, contact about offering a virtual workshop

What’s the workshop you’ve always wanted to take in a queer space? 

Below is a list of topics library patrons have expressed interest in, although topics are not limited to this shortlist. Keep in mind that we don’t have specialized facilities for hands-on workshops (like an art center or makerspace might).  

  • Queer history
  • Self-publishing and zines
  • Sex education
  • Writing about archives / creative work using archival material (performance, writing, art, music)
  • Writing, generally
  • Crafts (the library has an intergenerational craft group for all genders which meets weekly)
  • Astrology / Spirituality
  • Storytelling
  • Oral history

When will LIAL contact me about my pitch? 

Our leadership team will review any new pitches once a month at our regular meeting. Depending on when you submit a pitch in relationship to our meeting, it could take approximately 1-1.5 months to hear from us.

How are workshop instructors compensated at LIAL?

Workshop instructors receive a guaranteed rate of $30/hr with a built in 3 hours of prep on top of the session hours (more prep time can be added in). Additional proceeds beyond the hourly rate and operations cost will be split 70% to the instructor and 30% to LIAL. Consult our workshop pricing guide for more information.

Ready to pitch a workshop?

Fill out our workshop pitch form here!

Do you have an idea for a workshop, but need help preparing a pitch? We can work alongside you to develop a pitch if you a first time instructor or building a new workshop from scratch. Please contact our director to set up a meeting about the vision for your workshop.


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