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Thank you for being a devoted correspondent. We love sending monthly letters about Iowa’s queer past directly to your mailbox. We started this project sending mail for free to all of our correspondents. Now that we’ve hit over 100 monthly letters the cost for photocopies, postage, and stationary have exceeded what we are able to support freely. If you’ve been enjoying the letters and want to support our continued efforts to mail them nearly every month of the year, please donate today. You can choose to donate $2/month or one lump sum of $20 to cover the cost of mail in 2021.

Use the donate button on the right to set up either a monthly or one time donation.

Want to support another reader receiving history-by-letters? Double your donation to either $4/month or a one time donation of $45 to support us in making narratives of Iowa’s LGBTQ past accessible to all. We do not and will not bury Iowa’s past behind a paywall. All donations for history-by-letters fund the production and mailing of each month’s mail.

Our history-by-letters travel across the country (and two go to Canada!) to readers and now reach over 125 individuals and 20 organizations! Each letter is lovingly mailed to over 25 different cities in Iowa and to cities in 20 different states in the U.S.


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