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A Caravan To House Rep. Sandy Salmon Saturday, February 6th

Iowa House Representative Sandy Salmon is responsible for all of the anti-trans legislation in the House thus far. She is the sole representative who introduced HF 184 barring trans people from sports, HF 187 a bathroom ban in Iowa’s schools, and HF 193 a ban on gender-affirming medical care for anyone under 18. She along with Representatives Dean Fisher, Skyler Wheeler, and Mark Cisneros introduced  HF 272 a bill that would remove gender identity from protected class status in Iowa under the Iowa Civil Rights Act.

To learn more about all of the anti-trans bills introduced to both the Iowa House and Senate, who to contact, stay updated their status, see our post All you need to know about Anti-Trans Legislation Introduced in Iowa.

Graphic in the colors of the transgender flag, baby blue, pink, and white with three car icons with a dust cloud under their tires advertising the caravan to Sandy Salmon

Rep. Sandy Salmon is a clear threat to transgender Iowans and particularly trans youth throughout the state. All of our calls and emails to Salmon over the past few weeks have gone unanswered. Fortunately, she is holding town hall meetings to “connect with the people and issues that impact legislation.” So we’re going to go talk to her on Saturday, February 6th, at 9am in Denver, Iowa just north of Waterloo.

Outside the Wesley Center
120 N. Dubuque St.
Iowa City, IA 5224

Saturday, February 6th
7:00am meet up to depart for Denver and ensure that all who need a ride are settled in a car. Masks must be worn for any cars that take additional riders from outside of their household.

9:00am Town Hall Meeting
Denver Public Library, Community Room
100 Washington St.
Denver, IA 50622

If you need a ride or would like to offer a seat in your car, contact our director, Aiden Bettine via email

You are also invited to drive separately and meet us in Denver for the town hall if that is safest for you during COVID or if you are departing from somewhere other than Iowa City.

If you cannot join us, please contact Rep. Salmon directly to oppose these bills, protect trans kids, and articulate that her hate is not welcomed in our state. Keep an eye on her personal website for future speaking events or attend her second town hall on February 6th in Frederika, Iowa at 11am.

The various ways to contact Rep. Sandy Salmon:

  • Home: 319-987-3021
  • Capitol: 515-281-3221
  • Email:
  • Address: 9711 Streeter Rd. Janesville, IA 50647

This page will be updated with talking points prior to the event


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