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Sharing Iowa’s LGBTQ history is a central facet of our mission. We accomplish this work in multiple ways. One method is by building our archives and oral history collections to provide more material to support research and the exploration into Iowa’s queer past. The second way is to narrativize Iowa’s LGBTQ history and to share it widely via mail, online, and through public presentations.¬†Iowa Histories is home to the varying ways we share the queer history of our state.


History-by-letters are short narratives mailed directly to your door! Each letter features a different Iowa-based history in a  concise, footnoted narrative inviting you to learn and read more about each topic. To subscribe to receiving our physical mailings or to read our past mailings, click here.


Oral History

Oral history as a methodology allows individual members of our community to share their memories and maintain autonomy over how their narratives are crafted and shared. We offer oral history training and resources and also conduct interviews to build a robust archive of queer Iowan lives. Our growing oral history archives invites you to learn about our history directly from the voices of Iowa’s LGBTQ people. Learn more about our oral history work.

Queer Iowa Narratives

This online series has collaboration at its core. Built with students and community members,¬†Queer Iowa Narratives invites classes and community to research and write narratives on LGBTQ history in Iowa. Our volunteers serve as mentors and support for people researching Iowa’s queer past and we offer our website as a host to this incredible work. Looking for a community engagement component for a course? Interested in researching and writing on a local queer history topic independently or for a class project? Contact us to write for our Queer Iowa Narratives series to help make it abundantly clear how robust Iowa’s LGBTQ history truly is.


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